At the Rate I’m Going I’ll be Making $3338 a Month from Medium by the End of the Year

Kristin Rowan
2 min readMar 4
Photo by Sora Shimazaki:

Finally I’ve got everything figured out.

In January I made $1.21

Almost enough to buy something from Dollar Tree.

February: $3.26

More than double! And really not that far off from triple!

I’ll be conservative though and assume I will only double my earnings each month.

So if that trend continues that means I’ll be making $6.52 in March.

April: $13.04 I’ll be able to buy my own banana!

May: $26.08 Two meals at Applebee’s!

June: $52.16

July: $104.32

August: $208.64 Enough to buy a house!

September: $417.28

October: $834.56

November: $1669.12

December: $3338.24

I’m just now realizing that ending at December was arbitrary. I really have no idea how long my earnings will keep doubling.

I guess it won’t be that long until I’ll be a billionaire. Someone else can figure that math out for me. I’m too rich to deal with such trivial things now.

I need to figure out if I’m going to be the rocket building kind of rich person, the foundation starting rich person, or the run for president type of rich person. Perhaps all three.

Maybe I can befriend all the billionaires and teach them how to share.

How much would it cost to own the whole Earth?