At the Rate I’m Going I’ll be Making $3338 a Month from Medium by the End of the Year

Kristin Rowan
2 min readMar 4, 2023
Photo by Sora Shimazaki:

Finally I’ve got everything figured out.

In January I made $1.21

Almost enough to buy something from Dollar Tree.

February: $3.26

More than double! And really not that far off from triple!

I’ll be conservative though and assume I will only double my earnings each month.

So if that trend continues that means I’ll be making $6.52 in March.

April: $13.04 I’ll be able to buy my own banana!

May: $26.08 Two meals at Applebee’s!

June: $52.16

July: $104.32

August: $208.64 Enough to buy a house!

September: $417.28

October: $834.56

November: $1669.12

December: $3338.24

I’m just now realizing that ending at December was arbitrary. I really have no idea how long my…