My Internal Monologue While Writing

Kristin Rowan
2 min readSep 8

This is going to be so good! So brilliant! I will go viral and become famous overnight.

Hmm. Well now I’m stuck.

This seems too short.

Oh! Because I forgot this part. I have to describe what I’m talking about but not too much so it’s boring or it seems like I think my readers are dumb.

Does that make sense?

Maybe this phrasing only makes sense if you hear me say it. Like I can hear it in my head. Maybe this would be better as standup.

No, it’s not necessarily supposed to be funny. Like parts of it are funny and some of it is just true, but being true doesn’t make it funny.

Should there be a comma somewhere?

Ugh there’s like crumbs or something stuck until the ‘p!’ It works I guess, but I have to think about every ‘p’ and now the ‘’’ key is sticking too! But they work technically so is it even worth fixing?

I still don’t understand the difference between lay and lie.

I wish I had some jelly beans.

Oh! I just remembered a related thing, but let me look it up to make sure I’m remembering correctly. Yes I was correct, mostly. Glad I looked it up.

30 minutes pass as I look up what actor was in that one thing that the other search reminded me of

Wow that actor is in everything!

Argh, I didn’t finish writing this yet. Where was I going? Let me add in that thing I researched.

Okay is there a good way for me to sum this up.

I can’t say “in conclusion.” That’s so cliche!

What am I even writing about?!

Someone has certainly written basically this thing before?

Well I don’t know. I like it. Probably someone else will?

I go back and edit, adding more details.

There I think that flows a little better.

Reads through again to check for typos.

There, okay, I think its good.

Publish before I change my mind.